A non-resident company in Guatemala with a bank account
An IBC and offshore bank account in Guatemala

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Offshore incorporation industry lives through tough times struggling to survive under the pressure of the international tax authorities trying to prevent the businesses from legal tax avoidance. Guatemala with its territorial taxation may be worth of considering as a place to register a non-resident company because as long as company's activities are carried on outside Guatemala and none of the profits are repatriated, there are no tax liabilities in Guatemala. A corporate account with a local bank complements the perfect offshore package as bank secrecy is still strong in Guatemala.

A non-resident company in Guatemala with a bank account. An IBC and offshore bank account in Guatemala

Guatemala has a number of benefits presenting it favorably in comparison with other more advertized offshore havens in Central America - Panama, Belize and Costa Rica. A non-resident IBC in Guatemala ensures privacy of the company owners, it is easy to incorporate and administer, and the registration and ongoing costs are moderate. Shareholders and directors may live and hold their meetings in any country. And, more important - Guatemala is not considered as a tax heaven.

Taxation of a non-resident company in Guatemala

Guatemala has territorial taxation, which means that tax is only imposed on the income made locally. Profit made outside Guatemala is not taxed in its home jurisdiction.

Other requirements to a non-resident company registered in Guatemala are quite common:

Two shareholders are necessary for the incorporation procedure. We will provide nominee shareholders from our staff. Authorized share capital is US$ 40 000 divided into 299 shares and only 5 shares will be issued to minimize the incorporation expenses.

An IBC in Guatemala can be utilized for general trade including trading goods, financial and intellectual property; as a holding company, for e-commerce and for property ownership. Trading profit can be accumulated tax free in a bank account in Guatemala

Registration fees

On incorporation inclusive of the registered office/registered agent with necessary accounting, 2 Shareholders, residents of Guatemala, and the supporting documents package - US$ 1 980

Time scale

A company will be registered in 5-7 business days; however the full set of the company documents will be available in 5 weeks afterwords.

Additional services:

As the documents are in Spanish we may arrange certified translation to English, if necessary. The cost is US$ 400
Documents apostilling - US$ 400 (may be needed for opening bank accounts, representations and similar outside Guatemala)
Courier to Europe - US$ 150

We can also assist with opening a corporate bank account in Guatemala with most popular local banks presented in Latin America and worldwide. The offshore account can be established and managed remotely.

Guatemala does not participate in the Automatic Exchange of Information. The Guatemalan professional regulations and banking secrecy laws provide high level of privacy for clients.

Documents required for the incorporation of an IBC.

A standard set of the due diligence comprising a copy of passport, a copy of driver's license, a copy of the utility bill, a copy of bank statement for the last 3 months, information about nature of the income and the purpose of the corporation.

If you are interested to have a non-resident company registered in Guatemala, please send an email and we will advise the further steps.

Please request additional information sending
a message to our fax numbers in:
UK: +44 870 421 1387
USA: +1 626 609 3984
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Non-resident offshore company in Guatemala. An IBC with offshore bank account