Offshore debit cards. Bulk debit card solutions for corporate payroll or private card system.
Co-branding available.

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Offshore banks provide a number of financial and legal advantages (enhanced privacy, low or zero taxation to name a few) for their clients. Offshore credit and debit bank cards can make a handy tool for remote management of the funds deposited in these accounts. Bank cards can be also used as merchandise. Now it is possible both for private individuals and companies to start their own card program to resell cards to individual cardholders or provide corporate payroll and incentives to their employees.

Offshore debit cards. Bulk debit card solutions for corporate payroll or private card system. Co-branding available

If you seek a compelling private offshore bulk debit card solution in conjunction with offshore IBC and bank account services, look no further. We can provide you with competitive card programs, bank cards accepted worldwide, that can be divided into two main categories:
I.  Co-branded offshore debit cards - larger scale solutions with custom artwork representing your company and a low cost card.
II. Private offshore debit card program - this option does not require a significant investment and will allow reselling bank cards to individual cardholders.
We will refer interested clients to our offshore debit card solution partner for detailed information. Each program can be tailored to meet your needs, balancing of up-front costs and ongoing fees.

More about each bank card program

I.  Co-branded debit cards - larger scale programs with custom artwork
This is an ideal option for companies interested in a large-scale custom card solution, bearing their own brand name along with that of a leading card payment system usable worldwide. The co-branded card option includes a fully functional corporate offshore bank account with online card-management.
     Co-branded debit cards program highlights:
Minimum of 500 cards - FREE approval - Custom branded card artwork - Multiple currencies available - Setup fee paid in installments.
     Payment structure and procedure.
1. We will assist with opening a corporate offshore account with our partner bank.
2. Submit completed contract and we obtain approval for a co-branding program. No client cost.
3. Submit initial card design request. No client cost.
4. Card processor approves design & submits documents for card company approval. Initial fee is due.
5. Final approval is issued by the card company. Remainder of setup cost is due.
6. Card printing begins (cards are printed without names on first run). 80% of the initial per card cost (minimum order of 500 cards) is due.
7. First client name is provided to the processor for embossing. Final 20% of the card cost is due.
II.  Private offshore debit card program - resell cards to individual cardholders or provide corporate payroll/incentives
This program is intended for entrepreneurs and businesses interested in starting their own globally accepted debit card program for the purpose of reselling cards to individual cardholders or paying contractors or employees via debit card rather than via traditional payroll. Begin your own private program with a minimum of fifty cards and total startup time in less than one month.
     Program highlights:
FREE approval and setup - Resell cards to individuals and corporate clients - Corporate name only cards available - Charge commissions on card loads.
     Payment structure and procedure.
1. Open a corporate account with our partner bank.
2. Purchase cards (50 minimum).
3. Distribute offshore bank cards to individual cardholders and collect KYC (certified passport copies and proof of address).
4. Load cards via corporate bank account. Cards can be loaded via online banking or use CSV file for bulk upload.
The above mentioned bank card programs allow your company convenient access to offshore bank debit card solutions - reducing both transaction and operation costs and increasing revenue and profits. Business owners can pay their employees and contractors via debit offshore bank card rather than by traditional methods like bank wires and payroll processors. Save on processing fees, reduce operational costs and increase convenience. Seamless cash-to-card management is provided via fully-featured online banking. Cardholders can spend and withdraw thousands of dollars on their debit cards each day.

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