International Business Company incorporation in Oregon.
IBC formation as an Oregon limited liability company

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Oregon is still that "Land of Opportunity," and its incredible beauty and scenery are a magnet for visitors from around the world.

Origin of name believed to be from the word Ouragan, a French word for the Columbia River. State Motto: Liberty and Independence

Advantages of International Business Company incorporation in Oregon. IBC formation

Incorporation in Oregon is preferable when there is a need to form a company with high volume of authorized capital since the capitalization charges in other states are significantly higher than in Oregon. Oregon company is formed within short time and does not require much maintenance. As long as the modest renewal fees are paid the company maintains its good standing.

We recommend forming a LLC (Limited Liability Company) rather than a corporation. An Oregon LLC combines the advantages of a corporation (limitation of liability) with the advantages of a partnership (tax obligation passes through to the tax returns of the members of the LLC). Moreover, an Oregon LLC formed by non-US residents generating no income from the source in the USA could be used as an offshore international business company allowing avoiding tax liabilities in the USA. This makes incorporation an LLC in Oregon popular with clients who are not US citizens.

Schedule of Fees - Oregon LLC formation

The Oregon LLC (international business company) formation package includes certified Certificate of Oregon incorporation, Apostille, registered address and agent, Corporate Kit (share certificates, By-laws, minutes, corporate seal) and the overall cost is US$ 990
Delivery to Europe by courier (DHL) is US$ 130
We offer virtual office facilities in the US, including a US mail forwarding address (US$ 399 paid annually plus a US$ 50 postage deposit) and a phone or a fax number in any US state forwarded to your number. Please ask for a quotation.

If you wish to remain anonymous for the registering authorities while incorporating we can form a LLC using our nominee services. A nominee member/manager will be recorded with the registrar of companies in Oregon. The nominee will then transfer all rights to the company to the real owner through a General Power of Attorney (POA). The POA will be legalized and certified. The fees are as follows:

Nominee member/manager services - US$ 390 paid annually
Notarized and apostilled General Power of Attorney - US$ 150 one time fee

Oregon incorporation is simple. Please let us know you would wish to form a LLC (international business company) in Oregon, list the services you may require besides the IBC formation. We will send an invoice with wire transfer instructions then.

Your company will be incorporated within 48 hours when we receive the fees. We will dispatch the company documents to your address within 7-10 working days afterwards by DHL or FedEx.

Your next CALENDAR and subsequent annual payments will be US$ 390 for the registered address and agent plus US$ 50 franchise tax. This amount is to be paid on the incorporation date.

Limited Liability Companies in Oregon - material provided by the Legislative Counsel Committee of the Oregon Legislative Assembly
Chapter 63 limited Liability Companies.pdf

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