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offshore bank accounts
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offshore bank accounts
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We offer a solution for merchants looking for a merchant account for online stores, payment for services or simply transferring funds within the users of the network. Credit cards payment processing gateway is based in Switzerland and available worldwide. Processing fees are moderate, application is simple. Welcome and enjoy!

Payment processing for online merchants. Credit cards payments processing

We offer payment processing for all types of legal businesses including high risk businesses (some kinds of high risk businesses like gambling, porno content maybe reviewed separately on case-by-case basis). We enable online merchants accept credit cards quickly and affordably.

Payment processor - Swiss Wallet S.A.

Swiss Wallet S.A. is a regulated financial intermediary and asset management company based in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. As Swiss Wallet S.A. has a master merchant account of VISA and MasterCard, you will not need a separate merchant account to process credit cards payments. Once you open your online account with Swiss Wallet S.A. all funds paid by your clients will be collected in your own account.


  • Secure Payment Gateway, Swiss based, to enable your clients to pay on your site by credit cards - Visa and MasterCard. Immediate online payments between the users
  • High privacy prepaid MasterCard attached to your account with Swiss Wallet S.A. Withdrawals will not leave any personal information on ATM
  • Safety and convenience of online payments with credit cards processing. You will need only an email address and password to pay or receive online payments within the Swiss Wallet S.A. users' network. Any registered customer can make online payments conveniently and securely without revealing personal financial data or credit card data. Funds can be sent and received by simply using just an email address.

Online payments rates

  • Opening an account for online payments and processing credit cards payments with Swiss Wallet S.A. is free and can be done online or via a mobile phone
  • Online payments and credit cards processing within Swiss Wallet S.A. users' network are charged 1% + 0,50 EUR
  • Online payment by a credit card will be charged 3.9%. 10% security deposit is required and will be deducted from the amount of transaction
  • If a payer becomes a Swiss Wallet S.A. user his online payment by a credit card will be charged 2.9% + EUR 1,00
  • Merchant Fee (per website) 5,00 EUR per month. First 3 websites are free
  • Issuing a prepaid MasterCard - 19,00 EUR

How to apply to receive payments online

Please advise if you would wish to proceed. We will send detailed instructions then. Application is simple and can be done online or via a cell phone. You would need to become a Verified user to be able to process credit cards and receive online payments. Verification includes submission of certified passport copy and proof of address and is free. Legal entities will be required to submit certified copies of corporate documents and certified passport copy and proof of address of the company beneficiary.

List of non-accepted activities. Online merchants - please read this
.pdf file. Please download.

Please request additional information sending
a message to our fax numbers in:
UK: +44 870 421 1387
USA: +1 626 609 3984
or E-mail:
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Payment processing for online merchants. Credit cards payments processing.
Online payment solution based in Switzerland