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The beneficial business climate and established reputation of Great Britain makes it one of the top destinations to set up a new business or transfer the existing one. United Kingdom offers simple and understandable taxation system, double taxation agreements with almost all the countries, developed and predictable business legislation. High reputation of the UK business jurisdiction combined with affordable company formation requirements makes a UK limited company a flexible and convenient vehicle for conducting business worldwide.

6 basic reasons for UK limited company formation:

  • to simplify entering the UK market and conducting business in the United Kingdom and the European Community;
  • the benefit from UK relatively low corporate taxation;
  • to limit liabilities for the shareholders (owners);
  • incorporate an UK company, incorporation can be considered as a favorable factor and an initial move towards establishing one's presence in the United Kingdom;
  • form an UK Ltd. and then register a subsidiary or a division of the UK Ltd. in a country where you conduct business (UK company registration is especially beneficial for the EU countries). Remember the barriers are down;
  • owners and directors of the UK Limited company are not required to reside in the UK.

We make the UK company registration, incorporation simple and cost-effective

The incorporation takes about 5-8 business days (when we receive the fees). In about one week you will have a UK limited company with a prestigious registered office address in London, a secretary and full set of corporate documents certifying proper and legal company formation.

All documents are produced to Companies House standard and include the following:

Certificate of UK limited company Incorporation
Two Bound copies of the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association
Subscriber share certificates
All minutes and all forms
The UK limited company will be formed as a standard trading company, with no specific clauses. It will have an authorized share capital of 1000 x GBP 1 ordinary shares and have 1 share issued to either the director or secretary of the company
The total for UK company registration, incorporation is GBP 420 DHL delivery of the documents is paid extra.
Second and subsequent years payment for UK limited company is GBP 400 This includes payments for the registered address and secretary. We will keep the company register at the registered office and will liaise with all the HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue &Customs).

Additional Services

Nominee services:
If you do not wish to disclose director(s) and shareholder(s) names and other personal details during the UK limited company formation, we can provide a nominee director and a nominee shareholder. Usually one share is issued to the nominee, who will issue a Declaration of Trust in favor of the company owner(s).
Nominee director will transfer the powers regarding the company management by a general notarized and apostilled Power of Attorney (POA).
The costs involved are as follows:
- nominee director services - GBP 215 annually
- general Notarized and Legalized (Apostille) POA - GBP 215 - a one time fee
- nominee shareholder - GBP 200 annually

We can support your UK limited company after the incorporation and help, advise with:

  • annual return preparation;
  • sales and purchase invoicing and book-keeping;
  • auditing and end of year accounting (using the services of a professional accounting firm).

Procedure. In order we could proceed with the UK company incorporation, please advise the following:

  • two alternative names of the UK limited company to check the name availability;
  • details of the director(s) and shareholder(s). Due diligence is required on the director - a passport and or driving license showing the address. If the address is not stated, then a utility bill not older than 3 months will be required as proof of address;
  • whether you need a nominee director and/or nominee shareholder for your company;
  • whether you need a bank account for your new UK limited company;
  • whether any other services are required, namely:
    - mail forwarding address in the UK (to collect your sensitive business and private mail securely);
    - UK telephone forwarding (you get a UK telephone number in London or other UK city that can divert to any UK or overseas landline and mobile telephone or fax lines);
    - anonymous email address;
    - anonymous web hosting.

Please advise if you would wish to proceed with UK company registration.

When we receive you order we will email or fax an invoice with wire transfer instructions. When the fees are received we initiate the incorporation.

If you have questions regarding the UK limited companies formation or the incorporation in the UK, you may wish to look through the UK limited company formation
FAQ here

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